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I’m Kerryn, the BASI qualified head coach and trainer at Steinmetz Pilates and Wellness, a UK-based online Pilates and Corporate Wellness company.

I help clients such as you by creating live online 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 home-based classes where I tailor your Pilates programs to match your lifestyle, pastimes and aspirations at an affordable price.

Further as an experienced and CIPD qualified HR Business partner, I am also able to offer consulting services to UK-based businesses on a variety of HR and corporate wellness matters. 

Whether you need help with your Pilates practice to complement your exercise goals or are keen to improve your HR and Corporate Wellness Strategy, I’m here to partner and support you.

Kerryn Steinmetz – Founder


MY Training

I have carefully selected my studies to enhance my company, Steinmetz Pilates & Wellness Ltd and it’s offerings to you, my client.

My Pilates training is comprehensive and includes all equipment training as well as more specialized Pilates for varied audiences.

My HR training permits me to partner with UK-Based organisations to aid them in developing sound working relationships with their staff as well as implementing solid working practices.


Pilates has the potential for several wonderful benefits which can include:

You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.

–  Joseph Pilates



Tailored, cost-effective, one-to-one Pilates sessions, held online in the comfort of your own home or space.

We work together to create and implement programs that factor in your exercise goals, aspirations and important aspects, to ensure you benefit fully from each session. e.g. Rehab or sporting performance.

1-2-1 Tailored SESSIONS

Sport, Pastime or Occupation-specific Pilates

For Mental Health and Focus

Rehab Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

For the Mature Population

Pre & Post Natal Pilates



Terms & Conditions

Before commencing any Pilates classes with Steinmetz Pilates & Wellness Ltd, all clients are required to complete an Indemnity form and Goals sheet.

These are to ensure your safety and wellbeing as well as tailoring your exercise programs.


£ 38
  • 60min Online Pilates Session


£ 66
  • 2 x 60min Online Pilates Sessions


*Pre-booked dates, exclusive to 6 month packages.

*4 Classes per Month
£ 120 (£30 per class)
  • 1 weekly private session
*8 Classes per Month
£ 208 (£26 per class)
  • 2 weekly private sessions
*12 Classes per Month
£ 264 (£22 per class)
  • 3 weekly private sessions

Block Packages

*Pre-booked dates & to be used within 16 weeks.

*5 One-to-one Classes
£ 170 (£34 per class)
  • To be used within 16 weeks
  • Pre-booked dates
*10 One-to-one Classes
£ 320 (£32 per class)
  • To be used within 16 weeks
  • Pre-booked dates
*20 One-to-one Classes
£ 560 (£28 per class)
  • To be used within 16 weeks
  • Pre-booked dates



After working in Human Resources for nearly a decade, I took some time out to re-evaluate my priorities and focus on areas that I felt continued to make real, tangible differences to the welfare of my clients and the community at large.

Personal attention, tailored approaches,
authentic relationships, empathy.

Kerryn Steinmetz – Founder

 I combined this knowledge with my life-long passion for partnering with people through movement and sport, understanding that if you better connect with your body and take time to work on your own health, the results can have a positive ripple-effect throughout your life.

This further resonated with me as I had a long-standing back issue which I found had been helped considerably through this approach, particularly when I undertook rehabilitative Pilates.

This lead me to create my business, incorporating all of the above – Steinmetz Pilates and Wellness Ltd.

Steinmetz in German meaning “Stonemason” – which I feel is an apt description of my role, as each of my clients are unique and my approach, although consistent, is shaped accordingly to suit their needs.

The quality, personal attention and programs you receive from me are created with this ethos in mind – ensuring that you, the client are treated well, as an individual and your goals and aspirations are the central point of our training. Be it for sporting, pastime or other health or business reasons, I aim to partner with you on your Pilates or HR journey.

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